Our Stations

Exclusively, Arabia Gaz is implementing a Loyalty Program for its clients. Clients will accumulate bonus points at each refueling; entitling them to receive prizes of increasing value, according to the number of point’s accumulated (free gaz, car accessories, pieces of clothing, etc.) just by visiting our stations frequently, you should get hold of the company’s Loyal Card.

You will earn 1 point for every 4 meters of gaz, you can collect your loyalty rewards depending on which redemption option you choose whether free gas, home appliances, or others.


  • The palm tree inspires the design of refueling platforms, a recall to tradition and local environment in the context of modern equipment
  • The obelisk tree also inspires our totem, the colored, ever changing post with the sign of Arabia Gas, which casts lights in the night and recalls your attention to our refueling station.
  • Engineering to the highest international codes and standards.
  • Design criteria and solutions complying with stringent safety requirements.
  • Technical staff is carefully selected and intensively trained.
  • Preventive maintenance programs, detailed and rigorous, are implemented on a regular basis.


  • Compressors at the refueling stations from leading manufacturers.
  • Conversion kits for cars are from major European suppliers, conceived to best fit all types of cars.

Our first refueling station launched on the 27th of May, 2004 1 Abbas el Akkad St, off Nasr CSt, The station has been built within the precinct of the existing gasoline distribution station of Misr petroleum Co.

Our 3-year agreement with Misr Petroleum foresees the construction of 10 CNG stations at the location of existing MISR petroleum stations during the next year.

Similar agreements are being finalized with other partners, such as the petroleum products distributing companies and the main companies having presence and facilities nationwide in Egypt.

The station was built in the precinct of the existing gasoline station of MISR Petroleum Co.

Other CNG stations will be built in existing petroleum stations, as per agreements with MISR Petroleum


Our second station that has been launched on the 8th of November, 2006 with its unique venue centralized in Heliopolis area at 1 Suez Canal St, off Othman Ibn Affan st,


And here comes our third station that has been launched on the 17th of February, 2007 resulting in a huge success due to its valuable place in 201 Ramsis St, which is considered one of the most important locations in Cairo serving hundreds of clients in the heart of Cairo


Followed with our fourth station that has been launched on the 10th of August, 2008 serving Sharkeya governorate in Egypt, It’s located specifically at New Reya Road


10th of Ramadan Station and Belbis Station

Conversion operations


Bi-Fuel Technology

  1. Arabia Gaz adopted new standards to the market, selecting conversion kits complying with the highest international and European Standards for safety and quality.
  2. Safety
  3. Engine Care
  4. Least consumption of trunk space

Highest Standards of Car Performance

  1. Car Performance
  2. Arabia Gaz develops and provides pioneer solutions for all types of cars of market segments.


The Conversion Center in Ramsis, Zagazig, and Nasr City are the largest in Cairo & El Sharkeya Egypt. With its 6 conversion bays it has the capacity of converting up to 10 cars per working shift. (A potential of up to 1000 cars per month)

May we introduce OUR Refueling Stations & Conversion Centers

Conversion Center

  1. This is our first conversion center, located in Nasr City, at the location of the Al Mahdi gasoline refueling of Misr Petroleum Co.
  2. It is the largest conversion center in Cairo, employing a staff of 20 and operating 8 conversion bays, with the capability of 16 cars per day.

Client Service Mission :

  1. Be comfortable with the operations of converting their car to NGV. Our service officers in the conversion centers provide you any support you may need, fast and efficient issuing of contracts, fixing the execution work at the earliest.
  2. We train the operators at the refueling stations for fast and courteous service. Drive with us to a clean and convenient way of transportation